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What Are the Negative Effects of Video Games?

negative effects of video games

Negative Effects of Video Games

Negative Effects of Video Games – Games are one of the productive activities that ensure the personal development of people for them to positively influence the development of their societies.

Unfortunately, these creatively designed applications better known as electronics games or video games running on consoles like the Xbox and operating station in computers mobile devices, and other electronic gadgets have been negatively branded as evil by some critics.

There is an urgent need to offer a convincing answer to these unfair critics who dwell solely on the game’s incessant shortcomings to disregard all its advantages.

The game has various benefits for the physical mental and psychological development of people. It presents a virtual reality of the world and its activities and offers great lessons that apply to real-world definitions.

For example, the game offers three key predictors of success in senior high school education.

These are entertainment interests and motivation. Thus when the game is concisely woven into the curriculum of the learners it reinforces their interest in the teaching and learning activities while fulfilling their entertainment needs.

Furthermore, the game assists learners in developing decision-making abilities. Many video games such as CoD present opportunities in which the one player who takes on the role of the character makes quick and quick decisions.

It sharpens a person’s decision-making potential. Some games require the player to solve tackling problems usually similar to the countless challenges facing the real world.

This requires the presence of high-level thinking skills. Thus because man quickly offers solutions to each of the problems he encounters he develops his problem-solving skills which are the main factors for success in real life.

Furthermore, teamwork team-building and collaborative skills are enhanced through electronic games.

Games like DOTA require the player to work with a team to overcome common challenges and so on.

Thus engaging in such games cultivates the spirit of team-building of the person who is highly developing in today’s organizational development.

It also guides people to be resourceful because some games offer logistics and resources that the player needs to use efficiently to produce more productivity.

In the real world of business, the same resources are given to employees that they are likely to use skillfully to maximize the business organization cycle.

Interestingly this skill is learned through the play of electronic games such as Age of Empires SimCity and so on.

Exercise of the wrists is one of the health benefits of playing often. However, it prevents a degenerative brain disorder that eliminates the neurotransmitter dopamine that is responsible for ensuring muscle movement called Parkinson’s.

The active involvement of the brain in multi-tasking activities helps it to work better and all of this helps prevent this health condition.

Interestingly the shooting skills of long-range pilot pilots have been improved through video game games. The shooting activities of certain focused objects improve the coordination of their hands and eyes, motor skills, and spaces.

Negative Health Effects of Violent Video Games

Unfortunately, the hardcore game of electronic video games without proper moderation has its negative effects which are often exaggerated by unfair game critics. These include exposing children to violent activities and thus making them more aggressive with less empathy.

It is therefore said that such children engage in antisocial behaviors. Also, they are less sociable because they are constantly glued to their PCs playing video games. Adverse health hazards have also been recognized.

The unrestrained play of video games causes some children to become obese while others suffer from muscle posture and skeletal disorders due to the long regular posture in the electronic games game.

True some of these negative effects from the game are justified. Admittedly they are as a result of the uncensored use of video games. For example, parents should make sure that they allow their children to play video games without violence.

Game application designers should tag the violent games with age-specific indicators so that these games are exposed and/or sold to adults who can perfectly distinguish between what is happening in the virtual environment and what is happening in real-life scenarios.

Also, the time of use of electronic games should be regulated. Suction all the time and the energies in electronic gaming video games will not yield its positive benefits but its negative effects.

Thus instead of being a hardcore user of video games, it is better to use no more than twelve hours a week for electronic game games.

Games are a very profitable activity that ensures the progress of the company when used artificially. Unfair critics must stay away from their overly generic negative attitude towards it. The game is an important weapon for personal and global development when used properly.

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