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How to Find Signs of Video Game Addiction?

Signs of video game addiction

Signs of Video Game Addiction

Video games are a real source of entertainment and can engage gamers for hours on end. Often this seemingly harmless mode of entertainment gradually eats away at our precious hours and makes us addicted. These signs of video game addiction affects our social life and has physical consequences as well.

People who continuously play video games often complain of pain in the hands, wrists, and thumb. Constant sitting also takes a toll on the spinal cord and their vision is impaired.

When the game exceeds normal and healthy durations and sweeps to abnormal reactions then it is the first signs of video game addiction. It makes them clear to their environment. They also tend to neglect their studies and also their performance at work starts to decline. They are often in a hurry to finish their chores and return to their gaming world.

Video game addicts often tell lies to their family and make the most of the time they spend playing games. Such people feel that they are incomplete if they move away from their favorite games and this urge becomes so strong that they resort to violence if they are asked to avoid.

It has been found that addicted people often resort to theft to fulfill their needs because they are unable to focus on jobs.

The symptoms of video game addiction are

  • When children tend to spend most of their free time confined in front of the video or computer game.
  • When the child is restless all the time and sleepy at school.
  • When the child has difficulty focusing.
  • There is a steady decline in grades and a lack of interest in extracurricular activities.
  • Annoyed and withdrawn when out of the game.
  • When human relationships are neglected in favor of video games.
  • Give up sleep and rest to finish the game.

The signs of video game addiction must be identified and the problem felt in the bud before it manifests itself in a larger problem.

Family members and friends must support and help the victim sell themselves from this uncontrollable addiction. But in case it is not enough do not hesitate to seek professional help. With effort and support, this addiction can be cured and brought to control. So as soon as possible have a doctor or counselor cure your video game addiction.

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