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Optimize User Acquisition for Your Best Mobile Games

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The success of chartbuster games proves how mobile games can be a wonderful source of income for many developers. However to reach their destination these games need much more than an excellent plotline, fascinating gameplay, and quality graphics.

In short, it needs more elements than you as a developer alone can provide It needs channels to reach its potential customers.

Most games whose success stories may inspire you started from a small user base who loved the game shared it with their fellow players and made the game a complete success.

However, reaching that small user base that can make mobile gaming a sensation in the gaming industry is no small achievement and it means it will require effort.

Following the natural process of distributing the mobile games through organic mediums such as friends supporters organic search engine results etc., rarely produces the best results.

Moreover, the process involved is so time-consuming that when your mobile games reach the best of the audience your idea may be a bit outdated due to the fast pace of the industry.

Therefore if you want to achieve the best outputs for your mobile games you will need to consider your marketing techniques and advertising is not the most important among them.

Through this article, we will understand how through advertising and other mediums you can optimize the purchase of users for your game.

Understand the Terminology

If you use search ads which include display and other ad formats it’s important to understand some terms that will help you optimize your efforts.

· CTR – CTR highlights how many times your ad was clicked after appearing on the SERP.

· IR – This applies to app ads through which users are redirected directly to the game’s installation page. Installation rate tells you how many users have installed your game.

· A / B test – it is very unlikely that you will get the perfect advertisement at first. Therefore trial and error are often considered the method of all ad creators.

To simplify or rather organize these efforts for long-term planning and reporting purposes you may want to follow A / B testing methods to reach your most spectacular advertisement.


Create good advertising content and no less good content for the landing page. For advertising, the content should be sharp but engaging. Knowing your potential audience will provide real help here. Understand what things appeal to the audience you are targeting then try to add those elements to the content.

Based on this you can also decide on the name of the game, its symbol, and description.

It is best to Add positive reviews of the mobile games and screenshots also crystallize the essential elements of the game app content most users agreed to see check out these two things before anything else in the content.

Other than that make sure the content tells about the game as much as any avid player will need to start with it smoothly. Furthermore, try to add engaging elements like engaging graphics and seductive text so that the chances of conversions are maximized.

Easy Download

Any reliable game development company can tell you that removing all the bugs from the game is simply not enough if the download link of your game is damaged.

You do not want your best mobile games to get into the bad books of your potential gamers from this little issue, do you? Therefore make sure that your users will find it extremely easy to download the game once you have fulfilled all the conditions set such as the terms and conditions agreement (if any).

Tip: To capture more users you can try the free demo technique. Allow users to play the demo level for free or allow them to install the first level of a large game that will take up less space on their device. This will prevent you from panicking about large numbers.

Wrap Up

Having invested in game development services and developed a truly amazing game it is not worth compromising on acquiring its users.

Given the competition in the market and the rapid changes in market trends, you need to gain as many users in the first few weeks as possible.

You can always upgrade your best mobile games in the future according to the needs of that period but all these efforts will not bear enough fruit if you do not yet have a strong user base. Therefore investing in buying users with a complete strategy is a must if you want your game to be successful in the market and industry.

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