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How Do Playing Video Games Affect the Brain Negatively?

how do video games affect the brain negatively

How Do Video Games Affect the Brain Negatively? Video games are very popular with kids of all ages and because of our technological pace world, it continues to grow even more.

Kids and even adults find video games as their way of entertainment. They play these games whenever they get bored or want to take a short break from their work and studies.

These games try to change the minds and moods of private individuals and they feel much more relaxed than before.

Due to its growing demand scientists have researched to discover the violent video games affect the human brain negatively.

Video Games Affect the Brain Negatively

It turned out that playing can cause changes in many areas of the brain. Studies show some structural changes in the brain due to video games and also some changes in the functionality and behavior of the brain.

1. Increase attention

We need focus and attention during the game otherwise we will lose it. Therefore video games have led to the improvement of several types of attention in humans including selective attention and sustained attention.

Furthermore, attention-seeking brain areas are more efficient among gamers compared to non-gamers and they need less activation to stay focused on different tasks.

2. Brain Size

Playing video games has shown that it increases the size and skill of the parts of the brain that are responsible for visual skills (ability to identify visual relationships and spaces between objects).

With long-term gamers following an in-game training program, their right hippocampus has been enlarged.

3. Addicted to Games

When talking about game addicts there are structural and functional changes in the neural reward system (a group of structures associated with a sense of pleasure motivation and learning).

When we expose video game addicts to any signals or signs associated with the game it causes passion and also tracks their brain responses.

4. Help Boost Your Memory

Brain training games even help to empower a person’s memory configurations. Moreover, it also helps in improving the other two significant cognitive domains working memory and sustained attention.

These skills are maintained for 6 months after completion of training.

5. Decrease in Brain-related Diseases

When we talk about diseases every person wants a disease-free life. What if it can be done with the help of a video game?

Yes, strategy-based games have been shown to promote improved brain function in adults and may provide some protection against Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Also, a little brain training can help make some of the age-related brain decline.

Overall these games prove to be valuable because it is a stress reliever that improves brain function cures diseases besides being a source of entertainment. But there is always another side to a coin.

Here spending too much time in the video game can be detrimental to both children and adults. Speaking of kids it can delay their learning while it weakens their vision when these games are played on screen. Adults can also delay their work while playing games in offices.

Therefore do not play a little to rejuvenate yourself but too much of anything can be dangerous.

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