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Exploring the Pros and Cons of Video Games for Kids

Pros and cons of video games

Pros and Cons of Video Games

In this article, I would like to weigh some of the pros and cons of video games for kids because despite all the negative journalistic games they get especially to kids I believe there is potential for a lot of good.

The Cons of Video Gaming for Kids

Starting from the obvious reasons parents usually do not allow their children to play video games, probably the first place on the list is that it is very bad for them. With the new wave of high-vision TVs, I’m not sure if damage to the eyes is as bad as the old cathode TVs but I’m sure it’s still not so good for the eyes and it’s not limited to kids either.

It would be great if it was possible to create a TV screen that is not so harmful … or at least not to the extent that irreversible damage was caused. So if this issue could be addressed I’m sure it would take quite a bit of sting out of the discussion.

The second on the list is that video games are bad for their minds. In this context, I will have to say that it depends on the game but with the huge irresponsibility on the part of the game makers, the negative reputation is worth it.

If the quality of the games was a little higher with less degree of voluntary violence and destruction perhaps the parents would not be so negative to the idea.

The third on the list is that time spent in these games without thought takes a long time for children to spend in ‘real’ sports, learn or engage in quality time with their friends or family.

Kids are so busy these days that time management has become an issue even for two-year-olds but with a balance of proper timing, I am sure there will be no need to poop on the whole idea of ​​kids playing these games just for the sake of it.

The Pros of Video Gaming for Kids

Turning to some of the pros for kids playing video games I would like to derive from my childhood video game experience. Two of the things she taught me were binary logic and hand-eye coordination. These two things have been invaluable throughout my life and one of them is a cause for further inquiry into this subject.

In terms of binary logic while playing the earliest video games I understood the idea of ​​yes / no processing. And since all computers are based on this idea it helped me control the PC later in life.

Understanding how appliances and mechanical systems work can be derived from this simple understanding and by video game games it has been instilled in me without a bit of study … which is a pretty hard way to understand its implications.

Second in terms of hand-eye coordination, those early games developed my reflexes and reaction time to the point where they are a force to be reckoned with. Again this is invaluable throughout my life.

Finding the Middle Ground of Video Games: Pros Meets Cons

I would like to offer a potential solution to all of these conditions on the premise that TV manufacturers provide a harmless alternative to their current offering and that is in the Edutainment forum.

The audience as you may have guessed is the marriage of entertainment and education. If games were designed that taught something and the game makers exercised some responsibility in the games they produce there could be a whole genre of video games that have immense value.

In future articles, I will discuss this idea of ​​education in more detail about Pros and cons but I believe this is the direction that video games should be taken to make them more acceptable … anything less and the disadvantages tend to outweigh the benefits that tend to make video games just another endangered species.

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