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Different Types of Online Video Games for Kids

types of games

Parents should try to help their children be social. There are many ways to achieve this goal. One is to let children play different types of online games with other players but make sure you understand the risks involved in this approach.

For example, you may want to teach your children not to post pictures or leak personal information online.

And that includes their fellow players. Some dishonest actors may harass the children through their pictures.

Types of Games

Today you can find many types of video games and educational games for kids. You can play these games online. Below is a description of the different types according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Boxed Games

These types of video games are available on CD or in cartridges that can be purchased from a physical or online store. You can play many types of games on a computer PDA or console.

Just make sure your computer specifications are high enough for the title you want to play. Slower machines may not allow you to play certain titles in high settings.

Digital Downloads

You can download them from the Internet to your PC phone or PC. In case you didn’t know most consoles such as Wii PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 come with their stores where you can download various types of games.

Some titles offer special features but others are casual such as word games and puzzles.

Mobile Storefronts

If you own a smartphone or tablet you can download apps from various app stores. Some apps are offered for free while others can be purchased through your cell phone account e-wallet or credit cards.

If you do not know keyboard games for kids fall into the category of most popular mobile applications. Make sure the titles you download are appropriate for your children.


To play these titles you may need to use your accounts to play for a set amount of time. And for this is charged a fee. Usually, subscription services allow you to play your favorite titles without requiring you to download them from the Internet.

What happens is that you stream the game experience to your device or stream it from the vendor servers.


Typically these headlines come with ads. Therefore you do not have to buy them or pay any subscription fees. In other words, freemium allows you to play the trial version of a particular app.

However, if you want to access the full version you will have to pay a fee or a subscription. This will allow you to enjoy the full features.

Other than that browser-based keyboard games and mobile games for kids most often include this business model.

Social Networking Games

These can be played while you are on a social network such as Facebook. That’s why the developers recommend that you share them with their friends on social networks.

Often you can buy in-game items during the game using your credit card. Therefore playing these titles can be a lot of fun especially if you are playing on your smartphone.

Long story short if you want something that can make your kids social different types of video games can be a great choice.

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