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What Are the Benefits of Playing Video Games?

Benefits of video games

There are clear benefits observations for families when children play video games. Some children have difficulty closing or moving games. Others have moods during or after the game or focus too much. And some children are secretive or completely consumed by games. However, there are also some increases.

Surprising Benefits of Playing Video Games

Visual-Spatial Skills

Many games – like Minecraft – are located in three-dimensional virtual worlds that children need to navigate. And there is no GPS app or smartphone map that will lead the way.

The result is that children who play these games have the opportunity to practice their visual-spatial skills. This can lead to a better understanding of distance and space.


At the heart of any video game is a challenge. Some games can be brainless like Space Invaders. But many others – from puzzles and mysteries to running virtual cities or empires – offer children the opportunity to take on a problem and work to find a solution.

Some researchers say that children who play these video games improve in three areas planning, organization, and flexible thinking. But do not get too excited about it.

It is not clear that these skills for solving game problems are transferred to everyday life. And there is no evidence that so-called “brain train” games can improve real-world skills.


Studies show that children who play video games may get a little boost in their reading skills. This is also true for children who have difficulty reading and even when playing action games.

Researchers think this may happen because children need to understand text instructions to play. There is also a fun factor. Children who are reluctant to open a traditional book may rush to read a website or internet forum to get the last word on their favorite game.

This is not to say that video games should replace books.

Imaginative Play and Creativity

When children are young there is plenty of room for imaginary play from LEGO for dolls to believe. But for teens and teens society sometimes wrinkles face on this play. Video games allow children to continue playing in the imagination.

There is also evidence that games encourage creative thinking. One study asked 12-year-old gamers to draw, tell stories, ask questions and predict. All children showed high levels of creativity and curiosity.

Video Gaming Careers

The 16-year-old winner of the First World Cup at Fortnight won $ 3 million. The other 99 finalists for the solo final won anywhere from $ 50000 to $ 1.8 million each.

Just like in professional sports the chances of becoming a professional video player are very small. However, the video game industry is growing by leaps and bounds much faster than traditional sports and entertainment.

There are many careers in this plant industry – careers like coding marketing or running events.

Social Relationships

Some kids have a hard time fitting in and making friends in real life. Video games can be a refuge for them to find people to connect positively. In our busy lives, games offer virtual playdates with real-life friends.

Video games also give kids something to talk about with their friends at school. These days games are a major topic of conversation for children just like sports and music. Interest in video games can help children who have difficulty raising issues to discuss with clear benefits.

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