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Are Video Games Good or Bad for Kids?

Are video games bad for kids

Video games offer fun for kids to escape from reality. But they are often considered a waste of time by some. Many parents are worried if these games make their kids dumber

First, let’s just accept that too much of anything can be bad. Even something healthy like foods if taken in large quantities can lead to a negative effect.

So if kids do nothing but video games all the time video games will adversely affect a child.

Let’s Look at Some of the Benefits of a Computer Game

Smarter Brain – Studies have repeatedly shown that after computer games the human brain becomes more active.

There is also an increase in gray matter in areas related to memory strategic planning and motor skills in kids who play video games for an hour every day.

Attention to detail – These games help children pay more attention to small things. This is because some computer games require a gamer to pay attention to details.

Video games can also be educational – video games are one of the best teaching tools. Many computer games on the market can be used as an effective educational tool for children.

It also helps children with a mental disorder to read and understand more quickly and effectively.

Improving vision – not only can children see tiny details but they can also distinguish colors better. It helps children pay attention to differences even in contrasts.

Better use of technology – In today’s world, many activities are driven by technology. Activities like operations are done using robotic arms and cameras.

Controlling these robotic arms is very similar to computer games with a screen and controller. When exposed to computer games children can do so with fewer mistakes.

However, all of these skills are useful only when used in reality.

Unfortunately, the popular video games among children are the ones that reward them for committing violence against others. For this reason, a child may begin to assume that this is how things work.

Also, the rating systems of computer games are inefficient. The ratings are given by the people who manufacture the product.

Obviously, they want to make sure the video games are selling and making a profit. It should also be remembered that anything that makes kids get off the couch is better than computer video games that keep them glued to the couch.

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